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Spring Leaning Day 28 – Sunday, May 11, 2014

Congrats to everyone who is still hanging in there, and those who are thriving.  The comments this week have been super positive and I think that many of you are starting to notice results!

The them for this week is connection. Your daily bonus challenge is to share either a recipe or a tip for connecting with family & friends.


Notes for this week:

If you haven’t seen visible results yet, please hang in there, and consider the following:

* You might be losing fat without losing weight, this is very common.

* If your energy is still quite low despite not cheating, consider playing around with your macro-nutrient ratios, i.e. more or less protein, fat and carbs, while still keeping sources clean!  I recommend adding in some fat first, but from varied sources.  If adding in carbs, go for starchy veggies like squash or sweet potato but aim to have it post workout.

* You may have food sensitivities.  Common ones are to nuts (so you may need to limit those), eggs, and nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, etc.).

* Watch out for hidden sources of sugar.  Some of you have been doing fruit juices (even if juiced yourself this is essentially liquid sugar), and bars that market themselves as paleo or “healthy”, like Larabars, Luna Bars and Paleo cookies, as well as things like dark chocolate (even the 80% has sugar). Some of these are worse than others, and generally speaking they can be sensible vices, but for the purposes of our challenge they are  a no-g0.  Keep in mind that it’s pretty much impossible to make a good tasting bar that’s not chalk full of sugar (even though it might be “natural sugar”).  Remember, for the purposes of this challenge all bars and treats and cookies are out and count as a processed food, and you’ll lose another point for the sweeteners in there too!  Another hiddden source of sugars is paleo baked goods.  There are lots of great recipes out there that are sweetened with bananas or dates or honey.  These are as occasional treats for special occasions, but we want to avoid them for the challenge.

* Make sure you are getting good quality sleep, it’s not enough to spend 8 hours in bed!

* Make sure you are eating enough!  I noticed some people doing “detox” days or “fasting”. This is not recommended unless you have been eating clean for several months and have no health issues and no stress, and even then you will want to have any “cleanse” or “fast” or “detox” monitored by a nutrition or health care practitioner.


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