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Spring Leaning Challenge Wrap-Up

— by Tania Tetrault Vrga

It’s a amazing what 6 weeks of clean eating can do.  Apparently, it can change lives.  When we set out to organize this challenge, I knew it would be a lot of work, but I held on to the hope that it would all be worth it.  It was, the changes I’ve seen in some of the participants are nothing less than astounding.

All In Challenge:  In this group, participants had their body fat, weight and waist circumference measured before and after.  They also took before and after pictures.  They ate paleo for 6 weeks and here are the results.

As a group, all the All In challengers lost a total of:

* 274.75 cm around their waists

* 371.2 lbs of weight

As a group, on average, the All In challengers lost:

* 4.1% of their total bodyweight

* 2.5% bodyfat

* 10.5% of their total bodyfat

The Winners of the All In Challenge are:

(1) Travis Bale

(2) Leslie McKenzie

(3) Steve Bakaluk

Get On Track Challenge:  The Get on Track participants counted points for various positive health and nutrition habits, and posted their food logs on the Spring Leaning Blog every day, with a potential total of 11 points up for grabs every day.

The winners of the Get on Track Challenge are:

(1) Hannah Compton with 421 points

(2) Stephanie McGregor with 420 points

(3) Simone Vouriot with 418 points

Honourable Mentions include:

Most Weight Lost

(1) Miguel Gauthier with most weight lost (29lbs!!!)

(2) Steven Bakaluk

(3) Anita Wiebe

Most Whittled Waists:

(1) Hannah Compton (13.5cm!)

(2) Simone Vouriot

(3) Miguel Gauthier

Big hugs to everyone who participated.  This type of challenge makes me realize just how much I love what I do. Plus we got to eat some delicious food on Friday.  Please share your potluck recipes to the comments section below.


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