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Spring Leaning Challenge Day 1

Welcome to the second annual CFW Spring Leaning Challenge! If you are not sure what this is all about and want more information, read THIS and THIS.  Please post your daily food log and point total for Monday to the comments section below.  If you haven’t downloaded your scorecard/checklist yet, click HERE to download it.

If you have never logged onto our blog to leave comments, you can register HERE, as this will require a separate user name and password from the Zen Planner account you use to register for your classes. Once you are logged in, please go to the Spring Leaning blog post for that day and click on the title above where it says “Spring Leaning Challenge Day 1” or on the orange comment bubble on the upper left hand side, this will open up a comments box at the bottom, where you can type in your information.

For our first week, we will focus on getting in the right mindset for the challenge to come.

Your daily bonus challenge for Monday, April 14th is to set a SMART goal for the challenge. When logging your food and points for Monday, please include a short note about your goal.  We encourage you to set a goal that is related to performance (i.e. get a pull-up, get 30 more reps in ‘Cindy’) or physical goal (body fat percentage or measurements, or perhaps a goal outfit) rather than setting a weight loss goal.

Here is an example of how to log your foods and points.  This is actually what I ate Saturday, I realize that my evening snacking isn’t the picture of health, but it is honest, and I’m starting fresh on Monday!

2 cups coffee with butter and MCT Oil and cinnamon, 2 pickles, 1 glass of water with liquid greens, handful of pistachios, kombucha, multi vitamin and fish oil

beef jerky, ribbon coconut, green tea

seafood curry made with with shrimp, scallops, salmon, bamboo shoots, snow peas, ginger, garlic, red curry paste, coconut milk

1 orange, 1 piece dark chocolate, glass of water

another bowl of seafood curry (Steve makes the best curry)

a few too many brownies, a glass of water, magnesium supplement

glass of water, mini coffee crisp bar

Processed: 0 (brownie)

Grains: 0 (brownie)

Sugar: 0 (brownie)

Bad fat:  0 (brownie)

Legumes: 1 (actually the brownie probably had some kind of soy product in it but I’m not sure)

Dairy: 1

Alcohol: 1

Water: 1

Sleep: 1

Workout: 0 (did measurements and seminar all day)

Bonus Challenge: 1 there was no challenge that day but I’ll give myself a point for booking a trigger point session with Bryan and actually resting

Total: 6 Points out of a possible 11 


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