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Spring Leaning 2018: The Ground Rules

How does the challenge work?

Measurements & Benchmark

  • Gold Challengers will come to the gym between Thursday April 12 to Sunday April 15 to get their InBody scan. The time slots are Thursday 10am to 11am, Friday 5pm to 6pm, Saturday 9am to noon and Sunday 10am to 11am. You do not need to reserve a time, just show up during one of these times slots and your InBody scan will only take 5 minutes.  The InBody composition scan should be done when you are well hydrated, and on an empty stomach, this means workouts, coffee or large meals in the few hours before your scan. Click HERE to read more about the InBody scan.
  • We also ask that all participants measure hip and waist circumference and we strongly encourage you to take photos before and after.
  • This year’s benchmark workout can be done anytime anywhere, as many burpees as possible in 5 minutes. We recommend you do this over the weekend and we can have coaches lead you through this at the beginning of our Saturday and Sunday classes.


  • This year’s seminar is Saturday, April 14th, at noon. We’ll try to capture some video or post slides for those of you can’t make it out.
  • We’ll be discussing meal ideas, portions and strategies for meal planning and lifestyle changes.


Points Checklist, Food Log & Resources

  • Everyone will receive a resource package including handouts, guidelines and a daily points checklist.
  • This year, we will give you the option of customizing your scoresheet. At the beginning of the challenge you will pick 4 nutrition habits and 1 lifestyle habit that you want to commit to for the duration of the challenge. You will need to hand in your scoresheet at the end of the challenge if you want a chance to win the cash prize.
  • You will log your food intake on the Facebook Group or on the blog if you are not on Facebook. We ask that you journal your food for the challenge in order to be in the running for the big cash prize.
  • Every week, we will post resources to read or tips on the blog and you will be asked to log your shopping purchases (this can be done weekly), what your preparation day strategy was (this can also be done weekly), a meal or all three meals, awesome recipe you came up with, sleep routine, (pick minimum one meal, all three, recipe, or sleep) and total points for the day on this blog.  You’ll be logging menu planning, shopping lists or food log, along with points on our Spring Leaning Facebook Group or the CFW Spring Leaning Blog every week, though we recommend doing it every day, you can also just post photos of your meal or shopping cart if that’s easier for you.  Our first day logging food and points will be Monday, April 16th, and we will post our first tip of the day on Sunday evening.  The Challenge will wrap up with our benchmark workout on June 3rd.

Spring Leaning 2018 Checklist: how to earn your points!

We have condensed the score card to make it a bit more palatable. There are 4 immutable points and one optional. They are as follows:

  1. Only Whole Foods
  2. No Sugar / Starch
  3. No Industrial Seed Oils
  4. Food Journal
  5. Your Choice*

*Choose 1 from:

  • Gratitude Journal
  • Meditate
  • 10,000 Steps
  • 30 Minutes Outside
  • Quality Sleep
  • Drank 2-3 L Water


Your whole food point:

The nutrition element will be much more lenient. If you want dairy, eat dairy, if you want beans, eat beans. Having said that, the best health results come from strict paleo. The information we are providing you is based on Robb Wolf’s work on strict paleo from his first book, specifically chapter 8 and 10 as well as his free guides. How much do you eat? Lots! More of everything whole food except starchy carbs is ideal. Simply sticking to the strict paleo nutrition part is pretty much the key to winning this thing. Keep that in mind.   

The next best thing to paleo is 100% whole food approach. Minimal preparation. Most are obvious. Some food items are not so obvious. Cold pressing something to get the fat out (cold pressed avocado, avocado oil, coconut, coconut oil, macadamia, macadamia oil.) will be considered a whole food as well as rendered animal fats. Things such as lard, butter, ghee, tallow, duck fat, cream are an example of animal fats.

Your No sugar / No starch point:

A cellular sugar/starch is the carbohydrate not contained with-in a plan cell wall aka fiber. Starches/sugars are usually easy to digest and may cause you to store fat. You cannot digest fiber.

Cellular carbohydrates will not be considered a part of your no sugar no starch point because they are a part of a whole food. If you chew a blueberry, some sugar is released, some is still in the plant cell, it is a whole food. But if you blend a blueberry, all sugar is released from the plant cells, it is not a whole food, it becomes a processed food. Having said this, the best results will come from a low starch/sugar approach. Fruits, roots, tubers are good for some peoples fat loss but sadly not all.

If giving up processed foods is going to be a big deal, we are recommending 50g or less per day of sugar/starch from these frakenfood items. If you come in under 50g go ahead and count the whole food point. This may not lend itself well to your health to eat these foods but if you must, know that you are doing yourself a disservice. I will teach you through label reading how to figure this out during the seminar.

Your No Industrial Seed Oils point:

To get your point avoid these oils. If an oil comes up that is not listed here and it is not obvious treat it as suspect and avoid it.

Canola Oil, Corn Oil, Soybean Oil, “Vegetable” Oil, Peanut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Safflower Oil,

Cottonseed Oil, rapeseed Oil, Margarine, Shortening, Any fake butter substitutes.

Your Food Journal point:

Food journal can be done via picture or text. It must be posted on the web site or the Facebook group for it to count. This can be back dated to make it easy.

Your Choice* point:

There are 6 options. We recommend you pick one at the beginning of each week and stick with it for that week, however, because we really want you to succeed this year you can interchange them daily to see what works best for you or stick with your favourite for the entire challenge.

  • Your Gratitude journal point is to write about at least 1 thing you are grateful for per day. Short one liners or volumes, up to you.
  • Meditate a minimum of 5 minutes daily to get this point.
  • Our Ancestors, despite having a lot of downtime did about 10 – 18 km/day of activity. We expect you to do 10000 steps/day to get your point. You will need a pedometer.
  • 30 minutes outside for this point. Go roll around in the grass when we get some.
  • Sleep recommendations will be in the info package. For shift workers and everyone else, give yourself a check if you have followed the recommendations and feel great but have only gotten 6.5 or 7 hours. I can say that the minute I pay attention to a sleep protocol I have no trouble hitting 8 or 9 hours. Focus on quality, give yourself a check if you are waking up feeling refreshed. (Hint: Sleep is most powerful!)
  • Water, hydration is so important. Watch out for some good info coming up on the blog. 2 – 3 litres per day to get your point. More if you work out, more if you are bigger and more if you are bigger and you work out. More specific information can also be found in the “How to Be Paleo” package.

–Coach Gary




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