Saturday, November 6, 2010


“Spy vs. Spy” partner workout
Partner A Rows 500m as fast as possible
Partner B Does as many burpees as possible before Partner A finishes their row
Rest ~3:00 b/t rounds
Each partner gets 3 turns at each station

3 person variation:
Station C is Wall Ball AMRAP before Partner A finishes their row. Each partner gets 2 turns at each station.

* Gymnastics Workshop at Panthers Remembrance Day  has been moved to 3:30PM.  We need a minimum number of athletes to come or we may have to cancel.  Please register ASAP.

* Become certified as an Agatsu Kettlebell instructor or just come for a fun weekend of workouts and learn some great kettlebell tricks.  2 full days of kettlebell technique and workouts November 27th & 28th.    We had this certification at the gym last year and had a great time.  Register now while the early bird price is in effect.

* Our friends over at lululemon have organized a food drive for Winnipeg harvest.  We have donation box at the gym if you would like to donate any items.  If you’re doing the 30 day challenge, you can always donate all that stuff you won’t be eating 😉


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