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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Fitness & Performance:
A. 4 sets:
Stiff legged DL; 6-8 reps @31X1
1.25 Front squat; 3-4 reps
Bootstrappers; 25 reps
B. 5 rounds for time:
7 deadlift
7 hspu

A. 4 sets:
Stiff legged DL; 3-4 reps @31X1
1.25 Front squat; 3-4 reps
Bootstrappers; 25 reps
B. 4-5 rounds not for time:
3-4 deadlift
3-4 hspu

A. Squat Program
B. 15 minutes skill work on your goat
C. Performance WOD

Coach’s Tips

For Part A, please use the tempo and rep range to determine the load, and adjust as needed per set. The stiff legged deadlift is like a romanian deadlift but from the bottom, in that you can just unlock the knees, keep the back straight and lift with almost straight legs.  Flexibility might be an issue here so if you find that you can’t reach the bar without compromising back position, raise the bar onto some plates.  1.25 front squats are just like regular front squats but you will go all the way down, then come up to just above parallel then all the way down and then all the way back up.  If you have trouble racking the bar you can use straps. The metcon for today is a progression of a workout we did on November 14th, when we did 7 deadlifts and 7 hspu EMOTM.  This time it’s for time rather than EMOTM so you will want to use the same weight as you did that time, around 60 to 70%, or for those of you wanting to compete, you’ll want to use a minimum of “Dianne” weight, which is 225/155.


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