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Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

Workout of the Day

Good Luck to our Competitors this weekend - Kimberly, Harvey and Rich

Your choice of 1,2 or all 3 of the CrossFit Regina Spring Fling workouts below. Same plan for Sunday.

WOD#1 – “Bottoms Up!”
Div 1 – 4 attempts at a bottoms up Back Squat (Concentric Squat started from below parallel – SEE VIDEO HERE), followed by one attempt at max Ring Dips
Div 2 – 4 attempts at a bottoms up Back Squat, followed by one attempt at max Push-ups
Div 3 –  4 attempts at max Back Squat, followed by one attempt at max Push-ups for males, females – one attempt at max Knee Push-ups
Total time limit = 15 minutes, working with a group at a squat rack, grouped together by height
Score: Best Back Squat weight = points, plus 5 points for every Ring Dip or 3 points for every Push-up or 1 point for every Knee Push-up
If you cannot get a Ring Dip and you are in Division 1, you will not be disqualified, you will just take a zero for Ring Dip points and your Back Squat weight will be your score.
Belts may be worn, you may reduce weight after a failed attempt.

WOD#2 – “Pull Through” – 15 minute time limit
Div 1 – For time:
45 Pull-ups (chin above bar, no butterfly)
Then 21-15-9 reps of
Power Snatch – 95/65lb
Row for Calories

Div 2 males will do 30 Pull-ups, Div 2 females will do 30 Ring Rows
Div 2 Snatch weight will be 75/55lb

Div 3 males & females will do 30 Ring Rows
Then 15-12-9 reps of
Hang Power Snatch – 65/35lb
Row for Calories

WOD#3 – “Rain or Shine”
– 20 minute time limit
Div 1 – 3 rounds for time:
400m Run
20 Push Press/Jerk – 115/80lb
20 Box Jumps – 20″

Div 2 will use 95/65lb, everything else is the same
Div 3 will do 200m Runs, use 65/45lb, 15 reps of Push Press and Box Jumps, ladies use 12″ box

Concentric Back Squats – Started from below Parallel, stand up with the weight and rack it
Ring Dips – Started from Support, dip down so biceps touch rings and press back up to Support (elbows in full extension)
Push-ups – Started from upper push-up position, down and up is one, chest touches the floor, arms fully extended at the top, body maintains a straight plank position, any prolonged time on floor ends set
Pull-ups – Arms fully extended at the bottom, chin higher than the bar at the top, breaking the horizontal plane, Kipping allowed, but no Butterfly
Power Snatch – Weight from ground to overhead in one movement, with arms fully extended at the top, minor press-out will be tolerated
Rowing – for Calories, do not get off Rower until # is shown (i.e. 21 first round)
Run – 400 m Run down our paved back alley, turn around at 200m – must run around pylon
Push Press (Jerk allowed) – Weight must be cleaned from the floor, press from shoulders to overhead with arms fully extended at the top and ear visible from the side, hips fully open
Box Jumps – Jump with feet together, feet fully on the box (no heels hanging over), hips fully open at top of movement,  jump or step down


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