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Saturday, July 23, 2011

More tire flips

A. Close Grip Bench Press; 20 minutes to find your 1RM @ 3010
B. 5 Rounds:
Max Pushups
Sprint to end of parking lot
Easy Walk Back
C. Boat Rockers


Please join me in saying thank you and goodbye to another member of the CFW family.  Some of you already know that Michael and Nicole Blue are moving to Edmonton following Mike’s transfer.   Nicole will be going to California for the CrossFit Games next week and will have just a few days to say goodbye before she heads out to Edmonton on August 6th.  This means goodbye to another amazing CFW coach, Nicole “Shrieky” Blue.  Nicole joined CFW by starting with a simple On Ramp in 2010.  I don’t think she realized how involved she would get with CrossFit, and more specifically, with CFW.  She astonished me with how fast she evolved as an athlete and eventually as a coach.  She is someone who can implicitly be trusted to always bring her best in everything she does.  As a coach this meant spending hours researching the movements and modifications, perfecting a warm-up, or  planning community activities, all for the benefit of those she works with and coaches.  Nicole has been particularly invaluable to me as an assistant at CFW, taking on some administrative duties along with tons of coaching.  She is reliable, kind and generous with her time and even though I know that our community will continue to strive and grow, at this very moment it’s hard to imagine doing so without Nicole.  While she strives to always put her best foot forward, what makes Nicole so loveable is how real and down to earth she is.  Rarely have I met someone so genuine.  Nicole, we love you and you will be missed.

–Coach T

PS: See you in Saskatoon?


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