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Saturday, January 8, 2011

A. Bench Press @ 30X0; 3,2,1; rest 3 min
B. Mixed Grip Chin Ups @ 21X0; 2-3 x 4; rest 3 min
C. Row Sprints: 15 sec @ 100% effort; 45 sec easy row x 6

“There is a rapidly accumulating body of evidence which suggests that prolonged sitting is very bad for our health, even for lean and otherwise physically active individuals. The good news? Animal research suggests that simply walking at a leisurely pace may be enough to rapidly undo the metabolic damage associated with prolonged sitting, a finding which is supported by epidemiological work in humans. So, while there are a lot of questions that remain unanswered (e.g. Is there a “safe” amount of daily sedentary time?), the evidence seems clear that we should strive to limit the amount of time we spend sitting. And when we do have to sit for extended periods of time (which, let’s face it, is pretty much every single day for many of us) we should take short breaks whenever possible.”
Read more… Scientific American: Can sitting too much kill you?


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