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Saturday, February 12, 2011

FrostFit Games

A. 3 muscle ups on the minute for 10 minutes
B. 1 challenging HSPU every 30 sec for 10 minutes
C. 16 unbroken db walking lunges with 1/3 bwt per hand x 5 sets; rest 60s
D1. 12 GHD Situps x 5 sets; rest 10s
D2. AMRAP unbroken clap pushups x 5 sets; rest 60s



FrostFit Games 2011 Photos

A word from Ray Chan: Hello FrostFit fans and competitors! Thank you for your patience with the my photo processing. As the hired photographer I was not familiar with the competitors. I simply snapped what was one of the most intense comps I’ve seen in person! It was a pleasure!


To view WOD 1, please visit my website at www.lalagnargnar.com

Click on “client access”

Password is: WOD1

For those who are wanting to purchase a photo please email me with the photo name i.e. jpeg number. Emails can be sent to ray@lalagnargnar.com
All files will be high res and can be printed up to 8.5″ x 11″ with excellent quality.

Once I have received an email confirmation for your photo I will send you a PayPal request via email. Photos are $20.00 each. Upon receiving payment I will send you a personal link to where you can download your photo!

Please feel free to email me if you have any special requests i.e cropping. I will give word to CrossFit Winnipeg of when WOD 2 & 3 will be up for viewing. I will do my best to have them next week!

Many thanks,



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