Saturday, August 14, 2010

Perhaps I was a little generous on what constitutes a "lockout" for this workout?

For those competing in the Saskatchewan challenge, do all 3 sessions today with adequate rest between. Classes today will perform “sessions” 1 & 2 in class.

Session 1

Push Press, 3-3-3-3-3, 240 sec
Rest as needed

Session 2

For time:

10-1 unbroken 95# Thruster alternating with
1-10 unbroken Toes to Bar

Rest as needed

Session 3

1 mile run @ 90%

Rest 6 min

1 mile run @ 95%

if you’re able to do 3 separate sessions you’ll want to eat a good solid meal right before showing up for Part 1… depending on time b/t workouts, you’ll probably put down some soft or easy-digestable P and maybe 10g of CHO right after that last push press… then digest… After session 2 you’ll want a little bit of P with 20+g of CHO depending on how lean you are… I’d like you to put session 3 late enough in the day that you need to eat at least one full meal before doing it… Try to eat something for that meal that could easily be packed up in a cooler for a weekend trip… evaluate how you felt right after that meal and one hour later, how did your performance on session 3 go? Keep a record of these things to help create a fueling strategy for game day. Top up after session 3 with a little P and 20+g of CHO to help recover for Sunday’s session.

Ideal sources of post-event P for multi-workout days… eggs (maybe just egg whites) for whole-food purists and whey isolate for anyone else
Carbs… sweet potatos (available in convenient little jars with baby pictures on them if you like) for whole-food purists and maltodextrin for anyone else
Keep in mind that whey isolate and maltodextrin will be fastest absorbing… eggs and sweet potatoes will take about 4 hours to do their job….

HooverBall Rain Plan: There is a chance of rain for tomorrow afternoon, so we will make a decision by 1:00PM on Sunday and post on the website whether we will stick with the original plan, which is to meet at 2pm at St. Vital Park or whether we move to plan B, which is to get everyone to the gym for a workout, followed by a BBQ, we can’t let all that food go to waste after all!

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