Real Food Challenge Day 9

Now that you’ve done at least one full week with protein for breakfast, let’s start thinking about tweaking this specifically for YOU.  Most of you don’t seem to have a problem with meat for breakfast, which is great.  I’d like you to have a look at what you ate for breakfast last week.  If it was all eggs, then try switching it up for a few days.  Try meat instead.  If you were doing smoothies every morning, try eggs or fish.  Note how you feel throughout the day, but particularly mid morning and early afternoon.  Everyone is different and you need to find what works best for you.  This might be a good time to start journaling your food and energy levels.  You can do this online (you’re welcome to use  our blog) or with a traditional paper journal, which has the advantage of being more portable and very versatile, you can draw graphs or happy faces or whatever you like.

Please post breakfast to comments (this goes without saying)…


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