Real Food Challenge Day 56

Bacon & chocolate together at last... the best cheat I could ever dream of!

Last day of the challenge.  I was talking to one our Winnipeg’s Biggest Loser contestants and she said that she understood why this way of eating is good for losing weight, etc, but she wondered how this could be maintained in real everyday life situations.  I got the impression that this was a really difficult thing for her, who always ate healthily, in Canada Food Guide kind of way.  I forget that I’ve been doing this long enough that it comes very naturally.  Going out to restaurants is no problem, just order meat, double veggies, no potato.   Same thing with dinner parties; with the exception that I will usually have small portions of thing I usually don’t have just to please the cook.   It’s strange to me that this way of eating actually doesn’t seem natural to some people.  Does eating this way seem more “natural” or less “natural” to you?  Is it difficult to adapt it to real everyday situations?

Please post thoughts to comments.

Please email me your AFTER PICS by Friday at the latest, including a few final words about how this has impacted your everyday life, your performance at the gym, your love life, whatever…


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