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Real Food Challenge Day 50

A few of you have mentioned Larabars.   Obviously unpackaged real food is best, but for those times when you need something ready to go, here are a few options.  NOTE:  This is still the REAL FOOD CHALLENGE and this post is not license to replace real food with packaged food, but since you brought it up…

Larabar – Quality ingredients, but quite sweet and higher in carb content because of the dates.

Paleo Snax – Includes bars and pre-packaged jerky and nuts, good stuff, but the bars have whey protein, which you might want to avoid if you have a dairy allergy.

Elevate Me Bars – Good macro-nutrient breakdown, high in anti-oxidants and delicious flavours, including a few chocolate varieties.  Again, these have whey protein.

Raw Organic Food Bars – Organic quality ingredients, but watch out for the agave nectar, which gives it a nice sweet flavour but ups the carb content.


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