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Real Food Challenge Day 11

real food?

Here’s a quote from Charles Poliquin on eggs vs. egg whites…

Only dorks eat egg whites. A guy training naturally needs whole eggs. What about the reported health concerns? Well, the studies that showed eating eggs raised cholesterol were done by the cereal board. And back then they didn’t differentiate between the types of cholesterol, so the studies were invalid. Eggs can raise cholesterol — HDL, the good cholesterol. If you’re going to have them, don’t be a pansy.

This might be a little hard-nosed but the idea is that we’re doing a “real food” challenge and I personally think that eggs out of a carton have deviated enough from their natural form (or at the very least their natural packaging) to NOT be considered “real food”.  Nature has a way of evolving organisms so that their components work in synergy; so that one part provides the nutrients missing from the other part.  That’s why we tend to favour  “whole foods”.  Besides, I just can’t picture a caveman sitting there separating his eggs, just like I can’t picture him baking paleo cakes.  There, I said it!  It’s been bugging me for a while, so take or leave it…  But, if you are eating eggs out of a carton, consider the reasons why you’re doing so.  Do you have a reason?  Are you just following some recommendation from a body building buddy?  Are you under doctor’s orders?  Is it for convenience?  If you have a good reason to avoid egg yolks, then perhaps you should consider avoiding eggs altogether.

Post thoughts and breakfast to comments.


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