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Real Food Challenge: and the winner is…

First, congratulations to all participants.  You have set a great example for all of us.  If the winners give us the Ok, we’ll be posting their pics on the site in the next few days…

And the winners are…
1st Place: Mandy

I really can’t imagine where I would be ‘diet’ wise today if I didn’t find Paleo. I was at my heaviest before starting Paleo and almost felt at a loss of what to do next. I wasn’t a fan of diets, and I thought I was eating ‘healthy’, and wondering why I wasn’t losing any weight. To see the pounds drop off, the strength increase and the ease of eating Paleo, It’s like I hit the jackpot!

CFW and Paleo are in the top 5 best things that have ever happened to me, and again for this I thank you.


2nd Place: Steve

I never stopped to think that changing my eating habits would change my life so drastically. Taking on the real food challenge and
doing Crossfit has given me a new lease on life.  I am beginning to lose count of how often I hit a personal best, or how my goals I initially set seem small compared to what I can do now… I am the same person I was 2 months ago…. It’s just that I’m healthier, stronger, have a better attitude, I’m more fit and I feel better then I ever have in my entire life. I am addicted to the way I feel when I leave the gym, that feeling of accomplishment you get from a job well done. In short, I LOVE CROSSFIT WINNIPEG, and I’m not ashamed to say it!  My name is Steve,  I’m 34 years old, I lost 29 Lbs in 2 1/2 months and I’m a Crossfit addict.

3rd Place: Eric & Connie (yes, it’s a tie)

As I said goodbye to breads, cereals, cheese, pasta etc. I experienced carb withdrawl for the first 4 days…however by the 5th day I was already sleeping better. Although energy levels were not bad…my body seemed to be fighting the change in eating. It was tough to stick to it…but for the challenge. Four weeks & very little change…then in week 5…suddenly change came daily :o ) As I began to lose inches, energy increased, sleep came easier at night & I was waking up before my alarm. I also noticed ability to handle stress increase (at home & at work) not to mention improvement in performance at crossfit.  I am amazed at the change & transformation not only to my body, but how I feel & look at life…lifestyle…this is definitely a permanent change.  Thanks again to my crossfit family for the encouragement & support, which with out them, I would not have been so successful.

I would like to give all the credit of my transformation to the real food challenge but in reality it is the community and the support given by first and foremost the coaches at CFW.  Support when I stumbled and the information to get back up and not quit.  It gave me the knowledge that no matter how hard one trains, if you feed yourself garbage you are not going to reach your ultimate goals. If one combines crap and gold and expects silver disappointment will ensue…..all you get is crap on your gold.  I may not be at gold yet but with the support of the coaches at CFW and the new knowledge garnered from the Real Food challenge it certainly has put me on the path to be the best me yet…. The Challenge has been a catalyst for further change. The best is yet to come…

Mandy will receive 3 months of training at CrossFit Winnipeg.

Steve will receive 1 month training at CrossFit Winnipeg.

Eric and Connie will receive CFW gear of their choice, hoodie, cap, hat, T-Shirt…


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