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North Star: What We Stand For

You may have heard about the incendiary comments made by CrossFit founder and CEO, Greg Glassman, over the weekend. We won’t repeat any of that here, but we feel the need to speak up and assure our members that North Star Fitness does not agree with or in any way condone the recent statement of CrossFit’s CEO Greg Glassman.
We aren’t shy to say what our community stands for. Our values and mission are posted on our website and our client bill of rights is sent to all our new members. Our values from day one in 2009, have always included veracity and community.
“ We have a deep and unwavering respect for truth, precision and integrity.  If we get it wrong, we promise to explain why and to do what it takes to make it right. We create, nurture and support a shared experience, the knowledge that we all belong to something great.”
We believe that you can tell a lot about a community by how it treats minorities and marginalized populations. In addition, how a community responds in times of conflict and crisis, and how it cares for those who are sick or at risk, reveal a lot about its true nature. We actively choose to do what is best for not only our community, but humanity as a whole, and we strive to always act with kindness and grace.
So what else do we stand for?
You don’t have to search long on our website or in our gym to see that we value equality.
“Fitness should be accessible to anyone, regardless of age, race, religion, gender, orientation, experience, and ability level.”
It is important to us to make our life changing services accessible to everyone. We’ve always wanted the gym to be your “third” place, the place where you can be yourself, be accepted, and feel safe. That is still the case today, and we are proud to see the evolution of CrossFit Winnipeg into North Star Fitness.
Last year we rebranded in order to find our own representation, to uphold the values that we worked so hard to build over a decade. We have grown into something that is so much more than just “CrossFit”. We strive to be the golden standard of professional coaching and over the years, we’ve realized that while CrossFit can be a great tool, it is simply a tool, and the actions of one individual does not change our mission. We always caution against blindly following any individual, even those associated with CrossFit, which has brought us so much joy in the past. We will continue to build the North Star Brand and distance it from any brand that discriminates against or mistreats human beings.
Luckily we have policies clearly laid out for our team and our members. Our client bill of rights has always included:
  • The right to “be treated with respect, fairness, and honesty”
  • The right to “equal access to all of our programs and classes” 
  • The right to “professional and knowledgeable coaching”.
We believe racism and discrimination take many forms, and that it is just plain unacceptable. This has been our position for over a decade, and will continue to be for as long as we have a community to serve.


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