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My New Year’s Wish For You

2017 In Review

As 2017 winds down, it’s time to express gratitude for the accomplishments and experiences of the year. As we’ve been doing for the past 8 years, we started off the year with FrostFit, the biggest functional fitness competition for CrossFitters in Manitoba. Every year we work hard to put on an event that will be fun for competitors and for spectators. FrostFit 2017 had many revetting moments, and my favourite part was watching the grace and sportsmanship of our athletes, as well as seeing all the volunteers come together to put on the event. It always warms my heart to see that our members are so happy to contribute to our community events.

In February and March, we had our best Open yet. For me the intramural AM vs. PM competition is even more fun than FrostFit because we can come together with CFW members over a full 5 weeks. It’s an opportunity to strengthen our community and our culture and to get to know our fellow members. This year Coach Gary led members through the Spring Leaning Nutrition Challenge and once again we saw some amazing results, with extra emphasis on lifestyle and mindfulness. Over the summer we hosted two events, the Summer Showdown and the CrossFit Winnipeg Barbell Classic. Both events are starting to pick up steam and I hope that they will continue to grow again this year. In September we hosted a packed house for Family Day, another tradition that I hope will grow in the years to come. We rounded off the year with CF24 for Special Olympics and our annual Fuel for Fall Nutrition Challenge led by Coach Anna.

This year was also one of learning and growth for our coaching staff as we hosted several coaching certifications and course, including Agatsu Mobility, Kettlebell and Indian Clubs. Our coaches gained knowledge and experience and expanded our toolbox beyond anything currently being offered by other local affiliates. Having a diverse pool of skills and knowledge has allowed CFW to offer specialty programs for just about anyone. We expanded our Kids program, our Mommy & Me classes, our Yoga, and our Strength Club, and launched a new 55+ Fitness program. We also partnered up with the Dakota Weightlifting Club and Coach Terry Hadlow to step our our Olympic Weightlifting program. World class programs, world class coaching!

2017 was also a year of goals and bright spots for individual members. We started officially celebrating bright spots and I formalized the goal setting process and invited our members to sit down with me to discuss the real “why” behind each individual’s training.  It has been rewarding for me as a coach to connect with you and immerse myself in the process of programming and customizing training protocols to your individual needs. 2017 is the year that we reaffirmed that CFW isn’t in the business of selling fitness classes, but rather in the business of coaching. When a new client comes in, we don’t try to sell them a membership, we simply listen, and make our best recommendation to help them get the results they want. When a member comes to see me for a goal review, my goal is to coach the whole person, to help them improve at life, not just get better at CrossFit.

In case you missed our email in October, we’ve upgraded our old “holds” system to ensure that you continue to get the coaching you need even if they are away from the gym or injured. Out of town and want to drop in at the local CrossFit box?  Just email us and we’ll cover your drop-in costs. Sick or injured?  Come see us and we’ll customize your training program to ensure a speedy recovery. Need a break from CrossFit group classes? Contact us and we’ll help you make a plan that fits your lifestyle. Want to make 2018 your best training year yet?  Set some goals!!! Click HERE to book a goal review.  These are just a few of the ways we are here for you!

My New Year’s Wish For You

On a more personal note, I turned forty this year, and as part of my personal annual review, I realized how much I’ve accomplished, and at the same time how much I still have to learn. Even though forty is just a number, it’s tough to come to terms with the fact that I will never be 18 again, or 25, or 30 for that matter. I wonder about lost opportunities and whether there are things that I can no longer hope to accomplish. There’s no use reliving mistakes or having regrets, but contemplating the breakneck speed at which the years pass us by is a valuable exercise. It teaches us to cherish the present, and value the empowerment that comes with a future ripe with opportunities. This is the value of growth. Not only is growth a key component of my personal life, but it’s an essential part of the mindset required for anyone to achieve success in health, fitness, or performance.

Anyone can transform their life, lose weight, and become a healthier, more energetic person. The prerequisites are simple. We need to believe that we can do it, and know that our actions are what determines our success. We need to be receptive to learning. We need to adopt a beginner’s mind. No matter how much we know about health and fitness, if we assume we know everything, we are bound to fail.

The magic is in the daily grind that comes with learning something new.  The magic is found in the depth of mastering something that is already familiar. The magic is in being receptive, in seeing oneself as an empty container waiting to be filled with knowledge and insight. The magic is in perceiving the path itself as sublime and transformative. The magic is in refusing to play the role of the victim and plunging head-first into a pool of new experiences.

So my new year’s wish for you is simple. May 2018 be filled with magic and growth. May you find a reason to move better, live better and learn better. May you cherish each moment as if it were your last, and look to the future with awe and wonder. If 2017 was a year of burning calories, may 2018 be a year of designing your best self. If 2017 was a year of working out, may 2018 be a year of leaning in and playing. May 2018 bring you the gift of a clean slate and a beginner’s mind.



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