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New Class: Bells, Clubs & Maces

I’m so grateful that I get to workout today.

This is a very different mindset than “I have to workout today”, and it’s the best tool I know for designing an active lifestyle. Some days I want to go hard, lift heavy stuff, and sweat buckets, but some days I just want to move. I might grab a kettlebell, some clubs, or nothing at all, and just play.

If you’ve ever watched a child play, you’ll notice that it involves a lot of movement. Children look at movement as a “get to” because it is fun, creative and engaging. Adults look at exercise as a “have to” because they have made it such a complex thing with the systems, rules, equipment, and athletic apparel.

At what point along the way did we decide to put movement in a pretty little box called “exercise” that we begrudgingly force ourselves to do? What if you could reframe your entire mindset around movement?

What if you could look forward to coming to the gym to play? 

Here’s your invitation to stop chasing pain and start chasing flow, with our new Kettlebell, Club and Mace session, starting Feb 23rd. This class is geared toward teaching quality movement play, and providing you with the basic knowledge you need to create a balanced and lasting physical practice.

This is YOUR Chance If…

  • You love training for real life and want to move better to live better
  • You’re looking for a lower impact physical practice to improve your mobility
  • You’ve been wanting to check out our gym but can only commit to getting here once per week
  • You want to learn the techniques you need to build a consistent home practice
  • You want to work on functional movements without the pressures of the clock
  • You want to learn from the most experienced trainers in a low pressure environment
  • You want a mental, physical and emotional practice that will go beyond burning calories
  • You want to buy kettlebells, clubs or a mace but aren’t sure how to use them effectively

This 6-week series starts February 23rd and will include six 90-minute sessions. During each session, Agatsu certified trainers will share their knowledge of kettlebells, Indian clubs, heavy clubs, mace training, and of course bodyweight training and joint mobility.  Each session will include a warm-up, joint prep/mobility, and technical instruction with kettlebells, clubs and maces. We’ll follow that up with plenty of time to refine our technique, play, find our flow, and stretch out. The skills and movements will be modified to suit individual needs, so you are encouraged to participate even if you have some training restrictions or injuries.

What you can expect to learn from Agatsu Winnipeg’s Bells Clubs and Mace Class

  • Kettlebells basics such as swings, presses, and get-ups.
  • Mace basics such as 360s, 10 & 2’s, leverage lifts, and carries.
  • Indian Club techniques to bulletproof your shoulders and cut your warm-up time in half.
  • Heavy Club techniques to strengthen your core strength and develop coordination.
  • Joint Mobility and bodyweight movement skills you can practice anytime anywhere.
  • Incorporating odd implement training in your daily workout practice.
  • Combining movement with breath to create flows and complexes.
  • How to modify and customize exercises to fit your goals and needs

The Details

  • What: Agatsu Winnipeg Bells, Clubs, & Maces
  • When: Saturdays from 2pm to 3:30pm, 6 weeks starting February 23rd, please note that there will be no class on March 29th, the make-up class will take place the following Saturday.
  • Where: CrossFit Winnipeg, 739 Lagimodière Blvd
  • Who: This program is open to people of all ages, shapes, and sizes, no previous fitness or technical experience necessary.  Newbies are welcome!
  • Investment: Early Bird Price $129 + GST.  CrossFit Winnipeg Members Price: $109 + GST. Single Drop-In: $25.

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Have a Great Weekend!

With Gratitude, Growth, & Grace…

-Coach Tania


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