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Monday, September 30, 2013

Fitness, Health & Performance:
A. Front Squat, 5 x 5
B. 8 sets of 1 min of work + 2 min rest, every 3 minutes for 18 minutes:
3 clean grip deadlift + 2 hang clean + 1 shoulders to OH, then barbell facing burpees for the reminder of the minute.

Coach’s Tips

There is no tempo on the squats, so build up to challenging technically sound set of 5 reps, then do all 5 sets accross.   If you are newer to CFW, you might not know what weight to use so you can continue to build if technique is sound.  For part B, every time the buzzer hits 3 min mark, do the complex, then do as many barbell facing burpees as you can to finish the 60 sec work interval.  You can adjust the weight as you go but all sets should be work sets.


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