Monday, September 21, 2009

As many rounds in 20 minutes of:
8 Push Ups
16 Back Extensions
32 Double Unders

Mobility Monday

Here’s something you can and should do at home/at the office if you’re using a computer often… Before I started CrossFit I had horrible wrist pain from sitting at the computer 16 hours/day. I would wake up at night with my hand in chronic pain and fingers numb. Very scary! After I started CrossFit training I found several of the exercises very challenging and my wrist pain prohibited me from doing several of them at any type of heavy weight or high volume for over 2 years. However, with patience and training I found improvement. Then, when I added these wrist movements into my daily practice several times per day, the healing noticeably accelerated. When I started using fish oil and wrist mobility, the pain never returned. This is Level 1 of the wrist movements, master these, show me sometime, and then I’ll show you the 2nd level which rapidly accelerated the healing process for me.

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