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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fitness, Health & Performance:
A. Close Grip bench Wave sets; 3, 2, 1, 3, 2, 1 reps
B. 6 sets, every 3 minutes for 18 minutes:
3 strict muscle-ups
3 clean & jerk

Coach’s Tips

This week’s bench press, with a 12-14 inch grip, triceps to ribs, is a bit of a different loading scenario.  We will do 6 sets, but there will be sets of 3, sets of 2 and sets of 1, ensuring that the second set of 3 is heavier than the first set of 3, that the second set of 2 is heavier than the first, and same with the single.  You can choose what you think you can do for your second single and reverse engineer your way down the line, or if you were in on Friday you can use this as your first set of 3, than increase for your set of 2, and for your single.  Here’s what this might look like for someone hoping to bench 225 for a heavy single: 3@195, 2@205, 1 @215, 3@205, 2@215, 1 @225.  For Part B, you will doing a total of 6 work sets, starting every 3 minutes for 18minutes. You will do 3 muscle-ups and 3 clean & jerks each set. You may start with either muscle-ups or clean & jerks, I recommend you start with whichever movement tends to be tougher for you.  If you don’t have muscle ups, you can modify to an assisted muscle-up, from a box or knees.  You may also substitute 3-5 strict pullups and 3-5 strict dips or pushups each round.  Another option is to sub paralette shoot throughs with pushups. In this case, 5-6 reps would also be more appropriate.


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