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Monday, October 14, 2013

TEAM WOD – Come out and burn off that turkey dinner with a team workout at 10AM!

A. In teams of 3-4, take exactly 20 minutes for all members of your team to establish a 2RM on the overhead squat.
B. Each team of 3-4 players will complete 5 rounds for time at each of the following stations:
Station 1
15 pullups / 15 Deadlifts @ 185/135 / 15 reps shoulders to OH @115/75

Station 2
15 ring dips/ 15 thrusters @ 115/75/ 25 Russian Kettlebell swings 70/55lbs

Station 3
15 toes to bar/4 gym lengths sled pull with 3/2 plates / 15 overhead squats @115/75

Coach’s Notes:
For Part A, you will have only 1 rack and 20 minutes for all team members to attempt their 2RM overhead squat, so you will want to warm-up well before the timer starts. I recommend treating this like a competition, and plan out 3 to 5 attempts each and help each other load and unload the bar. The score will be the total, in pounds of each team member’s best attempt. In order for the lift to count, you need to get full depth and maintain a good lockout overhead. For Part B, each team member need only complete one of the exercises at each station, which leaves 1 team member out at each station to rest. Team mates must stay together before moving on to the next station. The team that is not competing will judge and keep track of the other team during the competition. For example, if Team 1 is comprised f payler A, B, C and D, and if player A completes the pullups, and B completes only the deadlifts, and C completes only the shoulders to overhead, that means D rests for this station but might do the kettlebell swings for Station 2. Each team can decide who does what at each station. Once each team member has completed his exercise, he waits for his team mates, then all team members advance to the next station together. Each team must consider their team weaknesses and strengths and move accordingly during the competition, assigning the strongest team member to the appropriate exercise. It pays to be strong and smart. Team members can alternate exercises each round, or let the stronger team member complete the harder exercises each round, but once a team member begins an exercise, that team member must complete that exercise for that station.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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