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Monday, November 30

We’re entering a new phase in our training, which entails a bit more customization than usual to the workouts. We’ll be abstaining, for the most part, from the “benchmarks” until early new year.

For the next several weeks we will not be posting our workouts online. We want to see you set yourself a plan for the week (e.g. attend Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and aim to stick to it.

However, please stay tuned to the site. We will keep up with posting daily pics, mobility tips, news, etc.


Variances in Programming

A few people have asked why some of our athletes are following programming other than the CrossFit Winnipeg workout of the day. The short answer is, because they need to, temporarily, in order to accomplish a specific goal. We have always done this to some degree – particularly with our boxing and mma fighters. However, it has become more prominent as we get closer to the CrossFit Games Regional Qualifier. This year we have between 14 and 16 athletes who want to try competing in a CrossFit event. These events are rigorous with an unknown quantity of competitions over a two day period (usually at least 3, but as many as 8 events so far). They do not, necessarily, allow scaling of exercises and they require a level of recovery that only the most committed athletes can train for. So, in order to prepare our athletes, we have put some of them on programs which addresses major weaknesses in the athlete’s repertoire. More and more frequently, we will see these athletes training 2 – 3 workouts in a day, and as many as 8-9 workouts in a three day period. This type of programming is for people who want to be CrossFit athletes and is not a necessary prescription for fitness. Tania and I work hard to make sure that the CrossFit Winnipeg workout of the day provides all the right ingredients to address the fitness concerns of our community. We program in phases to address glaring weaknesses and maintain the strengths. We try to regularly check-in with our athletes (very informally), to ensure that there is progress, that they are happy with their progress, and that there is not any significant periods of stalled progress. The greatest things you can do to help us help you is: let us know when you hit personal bests, let us know if you seem to have hit a sticking point (e.g. 1-2 weeks of crummy results), let us know when you are feeling good, let us know when you are feeling worn out by the programming, let us know if you feel we’re doing a good job. Most importantly, let us know what is important to you in regard to your fitness and whether or not you feel you have been moving toward that goal since you started with us.

Feel free to email us, leave comments or chat briefly in the gym.

Thanks for asking the question. I hope this addresses your concerns!


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