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Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Workout of the Day

Beautiful afternoon wod

DB Split Squat @ 30X0, 5 reps x 3 sets per leg, rest 60s b/t legs
3 Rounds:
DB Russian Step-Up (24″/20″), 12 reps/leg, rest 10s b/t legs, rest ~45s before GHD Raises
GHD Raises, 10-15 reps, rest ~45s
Tabata Hollow Rock
Tabata Situps with Anchored feet
Tabata Jump Squats

CrossFitters have this bad habit of putting condescending slogans on their T-Shirts and laughing at other exercise regimens we find  less effective, less enjoyable or just plain stupid.   I am acutely aware of this and realize that I shouldn’t  put down other people’s exercise habits – I mean at least they’re moving, right?  However, I’m making an exception today for your entertainment pleasure.  I came across this video via Mark’s Daily Apple.  Enjoy!

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  • This Sunday, at 9AM, is a Mother’s Day Team Workout.
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