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Monday, May 20 2013

the gym is closed today except for a Victoria Day Team Workout at 10AM!

Team Workout:
A. In teams of 2 or 3, every minute on the minute, do 1 Clean. Everyone on the team should lift before the minute is up. Team up with athletes of similar strength and start at approx 60% of our 1RM. Ladies add 5lbs every round. Men add 10lbs every round. Once you max out on the clean, start doing deadlifts in sets of 2. Score is (best clean in lbs + best deadlift in lbs)/(BWT P1 + BWT P2) (approximation is ok)
B. ‘Tail Pipe’
In teams of 2, partner 1 rows 250M while partner 2 holds 2 KB in the rack position. If you put the kettlebells down, you must do 10 burpees and your partner must stop rowing until you rack the kettlebells again. Men use 35lb kettlebells and ladies use 25lbs. Advanced athletes use 55 and 35. Repeat this until both partners have gone 5 times. Score by best total time.

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