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Monday, June 29, 2008

Squat 3×5 (add 5lbs to last workout)
Press 3×5 (add 5lbs to last workout)

“Death by 10 meters”
2 obstacles will be set up 10 meters apart
On the first minute you will “travel” from one to the other (A-B)
On the second minute you will “travel” from one to the other and back (A-B-A)
Third minute is A-B-A-B
And so on…. how far can you make it? Oh, and there is some creative license permitted on how you “travel” from one point to the next.

CrossFit Winnipeg is CLOSED on Canada Day (July 1). However, we will be hosting a “Team Workout” at Westview Park (aka “Garbage Hill”) at 9:30AM for anyone interested. Team workouts are designed to be fun and challenging. You will be teamed with at least one other individual to go through whatever challenges the coaches think might be fun to watch you do. It’s interesting how having teammates teaches you a thing or two about intensity. Important: if location is changed, we will update the web site by 8:30 PM on June 30.


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