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Monday June 10th, 2013

Mason visiting Stadd CrossFit in Quebec City

Health, Fitness & Performance:
A. Mobility & stabilty work:
2 min on shoulders
2 min on hips
2 min on ankles and calves
B. 8 sets, every 3 minutes for 24 minutes:
Power Snatch x 2
Hang Snatch x 2
Overhead Squat x 2
Barbell Roll out x 6

Coach’s Tips

Today we continue our snatch skill work.  Before getting into it, we have 6 minutes of structured mobility time, coach’s choice.  This time on the snatches, we’ll set up a timer that will off every 3 minutes (last time it was 4 minutes). We want to make sure that technique is solid on all the movements, even if this  means going lighter.  You can adjust the weight as you go so make sure that you have lots of plates available for quick changes.  The barbell rollouts are usually done from the knees, making sure that you keep arms straight and midline tight as you roll the barbell away from you.  If you find yourself losing your abs or your flutes (which should be on the whole time), please reduce the range of motion or simply do a front plank.


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