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Monday July 1st, Team WOD

Some sled pulling awesomeness

Classes are cancelled today except for the Team Workout at 10AM.


Team WOD (teams of 2 or 3)
A. In teams of 2; both players have 15 minutes, and one platform to build to a heavy weight in the following complex:
1 power clean
2 squat clean
3 front squat
B. In teams of 2 or 3, how far can you get in 20 minutes with a one partner working at a time:
200m Ball Run (men 20lb / women 12lb) (both partners run)
20 Wall Balls (men 20lb / women 12lb) (team total)
20 Kettle Bell Swings (men 24kg / women 16kg) (team total)
2 Tire Flips (can be done as a team)
+ 200/20/20/2 per round

200/20/20/2 the 1st round, 400/40/40/4 the 2nd round, 600/60/60/6 the 3rd round, etc for 20:00.

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