Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

A. Close Grip Bench Press 2-3 @ 30X0 x 4 sets
B. Weighted Ring Dips 3-3-3
C. 100 Ring Push-ups for time
D. 2×10 wall extensions

**We are starting to prepare for Open Sectionals 2011. Due to the fact that we will be registering as an official affiliate and hosting the workouts at CrossFit Winnipeg,  we need to know how many of our members are intending on competing in the Open Sectionals.  It is very important for us to know the exact number of athletes intending to compete as we need to schedule enough time each week to accommodate all of our athletes without interfering with our regular classes.

Please note that sectionals will not have any divisions and there will be no possibility of scaling workouts. There will be six weeks of workouts starting March 15th 2011.  The “WODS” will be announced each Tuesday and we will have until Sunday at 5pm to submit everyone’s scores. Every athlete NEEDS TO COMPLETE every workout that will be posted to remain in the competition.  That being said we do not want to discourage anyone from competing as it is a great experience to put all of your hard training to the test.

If you would like to compete please email Pascal at by Friday February 18th 2011. There will be a registration fee to participate (about $50). The exact amount is not yet determined and will depend on the number of competitors. Part of the fee will go to the registration for the Open Sectionals and the remainder will be used to pay the coaches who will need to put in extra hours every week to help out with the judging and score keeping.


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