Monday, August 30, 2010

Pascal vs. Exp

A1. BB Forward Lunges @ 10X1; 4-6/leg x 4; 90 sec
(push through heel to get up; alternate legs)
A2. Strict Ring Dips @ 2121; amrap x 4; 90 sec
B. Split Squats OR Pistols (if you can do them without any aids other than WL shoes) @ 3011; 8-10/leg (split squats) 8-15/leg (pistols) x 3 sets; 45 sec b/t legs
C1. DB Russian Step up @ 1110; 12-15/leg x 3; 60 sec
(box height should be just below knee cap)
C2. Knees to Elbows @ 10X0; 20 x 3; 60 sec

A few announcements:

* registration for the gymnastics workshop is open, but we had to change the time to 4pm.  If this is a problem for anyone who already signed up please shoot me an email.  If interested, please sign up now.  We only have 3 people registered and if we don’t get a minimum of 10 we might have to cancel the event.

* As you know we have new CFW t-shirts.  We have samples to try on for size at reception.  If the coach is busy with a class, just try on the style you want and then you can order it using our new online store.  The bill will be added to your account and we’ll prepare your order for pickup at the gym within 3 business days.


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