Monday, August 26th, 2010

Workout of the Day

3 rounds of 8 split squat per leg at 3010, rest 60s b/t legs
5 rounds, 40s work, 20s rest
Russian Step-ups (box height > knee cap), L
Russian Step-ups (box height > knee cap), R
Ring Rows/Ring Support
2-hand DB/KB Overhead Squat

To get maximal results from today’s workout it will be necessary to put an even higher emphasis than usual on executing movements extraordinarily well. For Russian Step-ups, set up in front of a box that is higher than your knee cap level… step up onto box emphasizing driving through the heel… Upon standing on the box lift the opposite knee to greater than 90 degrees (so you are now standing with one foot on box looking almost like the karate kid)… step back down, but leave your “stepping foot” on the box for the next rep… if you are strong and well-balanced, carry dumbells next round. For Ring Rows/Ring Support, after reaching max reps on the ring rows in a single set immediately jump up into ring support for remainder of work period. Turn palms out on ring support for increased difficulty if necessary. For Overhead squat, depending on your mobility in ankles, hips, thoracic spine, and shoulders, you may not be able to go very low (I’m talking inches here)… grind it out and try to pull yourself as low as possible working on gaining even a millimeter every rep. If you can go “ass to grass”, do it!


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