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Monday, August 2, 2010

Team workout

Each team member does 3 OHS, then 2 OHS then 1 OHS… they only get one shot at each set … add all successful lifts together for team score.
3 sets of 30seconds of db push press followed by 30 seconds of holding dbs with arms extended… if arms EVER drop below shoulder height OR if they drop from extension during hold period then that team member is out… add all completed reps for team together and that’s their score…. add that to OHS game score for total.

Individual score:
3 OHS wt + 2 OHS wt + 1 OHS wt + (reps completed x combined wt of dumbells)

e.g. if an athlete used 2 30# dumbells and got 25 reps, their score might look something like this 185 + 205 + 225 + (25 x 60) = 2115…. then they’d add that to all their teammates scores for a team score.


Team with highest score goes for a 400m MB run while remaining teams hold pushup plank until they return.

Happy August Long!

The most beautiful muscle-up I’ve ever seen.

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