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Monday, April 19th, 2010

Wipeout's "favourite" workout

Workout of the Day

“Spy vs. Spy”… a Partner Workout

4 Rounds:

Player 1 rows 500m OR runs 450m (distance may be scaled in cases of excessively uneven athlete pairings)
Player 2 does AMRAP burpees

When Player 1 completes their task, they tag Player 2 and switch roles. When both player 1 and player 2 have done one set of AMRAP burpees, that is ONE round. A 30 second “time out” occurs when the tag happens.

Player with most burpees completed wins.

Three Player Version (in case of an odd # of athletes):

P1: row or run
P2: burpees
P3: row or run

Player 1 & Player 3 RACE to have the “right” to do burpees. First one to tag Player 2 gets to do burpees. A 30 second “time out” occurs when the tag happens. Game ends when any one player has completed 3 rounds of burpees. Player with most burpees completed wins.

Unless coaches assign a task, it is the athlete’s choice as to whether they will row or run. They can change their task every round, if they wish. If it’s raining, be prepared to run… just in case.

Set-up… rowers on rubber matting at back of gym (by pullup bars)… burpee zone on rubber matting at front of gym…. 450m run is from front door, around 400m track and back to burpee zone.

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