Parents and caregivers of young children often have difficulty finding time for themselves, and exercise may seem like a near impossibility.

CrossFit Winnipeg’s Mommy & Me classes are a great way to get out of the house, get some exercise and make new friends. This class is appropriate for all levels of athleticism and fitness, no prior fitness experience necessary. It is a laid-back atmosphere where the needs of your baby come first. Like CrossFit, every class will be different, and our coaches can tailor the each exercise to the needs of parent and child. Any style of baby carrier is welcome, front or back, structured or soft, or you can even choose to bring a stroller instead. The purpose of the class is to help moms (or dads, or babysitters) break a sweat and feel fit again while bonding with their child. Emphasis will be placed on functional strength and conditioning so we can meet the challenges of parenthood head on, and look fabulous doing it.

Workouts include a mix of functional strength training, postural work, cardio, agility and flexibility. Each hour long class consists of a warm-up, workout and cool down. The first part of the class is done with your baby in a baby carrier and the last part of the class is playtime, and consists of floor work done on a mat with your baby as resistance. Parents will have access to a quiet private area nearby to change or feed baby, however, parents should note that child care is not provided.

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Still not convinced?  Here are some of the benefits of Mommy & Me Fitness…

  • Improve your sleep:  Sleep deprivation is a real problem for many moms since waking frequently during the night with a baby is normal. Although working out with your baby doesn’t guarantee a night of uninterrupted sleep, exercise can help you sleep more deeply when you can, giving you more energy throughout the day.
  • Bond with your baby:  Babies who are in close contact with their moms tend to cry less, sleep better and breastfeed more consistently. Wearing your baby during exercise helps them interact and socialize with the world.
  • Have a social life:  Women who get out, meet other moms and engage with their community, report having more fun and enjoying the 1st year of their baby’s life even more. Having an active social life can also help reduce the number and intensity of reported post partum mood disorders. Making connections with other moms, sharing parenting advice, discussing challenges and getting support from other women are other benefits of joining the class. You never know who you’ll meet at a Baby & Me class!
  • Reduce ‘Mommy Guilt’:  The most common reason moms don’t workout in the post-partum period is because they don’t want to leave their babies with an unknown caregiver. Mommy & Me classes are designed to incorporate your baby into the routine WITHOUT compromising your workout, making your exercise time guilt free, fun and effective.
  • Improve Fitness Levels:  Ask any CrossFitter and they will tell you that nothing works quite like CrossFit. Mommy & Me CrossFit classes use the tried and true concepts of CrossFit and adapt them to meet the unique physical needs of women during the post partum period so that you can increase your level of cardiovascular fitness, strengthen your core and improve your strength and flexibility.