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Mobility Routine

Sometimes we get so overwhelmed with the sheer variety of things we can do to keep our bodies healthy and mobile that we can get paralized with indecision.  So at the request of our FrostFit competitors, here are some sample mobility routines you can use.

Please note that this is by no means a comprehensive list, and everyone is different, this is simply meant as a sample routine for those who want some ideas. The general order of operations here is as follows:

(1) D-ROM (dynamic range of motion) as a warm-up e.g. sun salutations or circles with all the major joints.  This can be done all at the beginning, then follow the routines below per body part.

(2) Smash OR pin & stretch OR work on joint capsule

(3) Stretch & breathe & relax

Though some individuals can train immediate after prolonged stretching, particularly stiffer athletes, for most people it would be best to do this type of mobilization routine after your workout or in the evening while winding down before bed. If you are really serious about mobility, you can do the whole thing every day, it will take about an hour.  If you only have half an hour, you can do upper body one day and lower body the next day. If you only have 10 to 15 minutes, choose 2 items from the upper body menu and 2 from the lower body menu, set a timer and go…

If you have any questions, please ask the coaches or email Tania.  Happy mobilizing!


Upper Body (30 minutes)


Hands, Wrists, Forearms – 4 min

Smash: Lacrosse Ball on forearms 1 min per side

Stretch: flexion & extension on floor or wall 2 minutes total


Pecs & Anterior Shoulders – 8 min

Smash: Lacrosse Ball on pecs, can also pin & stretch & contract & relax 2 min per side

Stretch: Yoga prone shoulder opener or supine pec stretch on foam roller 2 min per side or 4 minutes total


Back & Posterior Shoulders & Arms – 8 min

Smash: foam Roll or Lacrosse Ball on T-Spine, posterior delt & lat, can also pin & stretch or contract & relax – 2 min per side, can use KB for lat & armpit, or barbell for triceps

Stretch: Banded shoulder distraction or tricep stretch – 2 min per side


Traps & Neck – 4 min

Smash: Barbell or Lacrosse Ball on Trap with neck & chin turns – 10 reps each

Stretch: yogic squat or passive forward bend with hands interlaced behind head, let head hang heavy 1 min


Thoracic Spine – 5 min

Smash: Foam Roll mid back or Lacrosse Ball to either side of T-spine – 2 min per side

Stretch: Bridge, Cape, Up Dog, Down Dog with hands on wall, or “Brettzel” 2 min total.


Lower Body – 30 minutes


Feet, Ankles & Calves – 6 min

Smash: massage sole of foot with lacrosse ball, smash achilles with ball, smash calves with lacrosse ball or barbell – 2 min per side

Stretch: dorsiflexion on wall or squat rack, ankle distraction with band – 1 min per side


Quads & Other Hip Flexors – 6 min

Smash: foam roll or lacrosse ball to IT band, quads, around the knee – 1 min per side

Stretch: banded hip distraction, lunge or split squat, couch stretch, or supine hip flexor relaxation drill – 2 min per side


Glutes & hips – 6 min

Smash: Lacrosse ball to glute in figure 4, Lacrosse ball to TFL on floor or wall –  2 min per side

Stretch: banded hip distraction, external rotation bias, lizard stretch or cowface pose – 1 min per side


Hamstrings – 6 min

Smash: standing with hamstring on barbell or sit and pin & stretch with hamstring on Lacrosse ball on box  – 1 min per side

Stretch: legs up the wall, banded contract & relax – 2 min per side


Groin & Adductors – 6 min

Smash: foam roll inner thigh, lacrosse ball to inside of knee – 1-2 min per side

Stretch: frog stretch with PNF, legs up the wall in splits, kossack squats – 4 min total



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