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Six month ago, I wasn’t taking care of myself, I had lost my routine, my love for working out, hobbies, hangouts. Everything became hard. I needed to find something, something to give me drive again. I needed motivation. Basically I needed someone or something to kick my ass (sorry mum). I started looking for gyms in this new area… I quickly found North Star Fitness, Home of CrossFit Winnipeg.

It didn’t take long for me to feel comfortable, the other members and friendly faces when you walk in. I honestly am so thankful for this gym… it got me back on track, back to who I know I am, gave me a bit of confidence and made me realize I just need to make this a lifestyle change not just a momentary change. I can’t wait to see what another three months has to bring. I’m proud of my accomplishment thus far. Gonna push hard for the next three month.

Please don’t be fooled by this very honest post. Both those bodies are loved, I love me no matter my size or shape! That sassssssssinesssss will never go anywhere but I need this for my health my mental health and my mental drive! CrossFit has taught me to persevere, push through the tough shit, and to finish first or last! Doesn’t matter just finish!!! I have an amazing support system right there at the finish line no matter what it is that I am taking on! Thank you to everyone who has been there as I started this journey for a healthier me!!! 

— Jasmine

Miguel lost over 100lbs!

Miguel lost over 100lbs!

Chris lost over 200 lbs!!!

Joining has been one of hte best decisions I have ever made!  I feel so much stronger inside and out!  – Yvone

Joining is one of the best decisions I have ever made!  – Yvone

 I lost 10 cm around my waist in less than 6 weeks! That was an awesome feeling and it keeps me going to better myself an stay healthy. I feel great!  – Mary

What our members have to say about training at North Star Fitness, Home of CrossFit Winnipeg…

We tracked down a few of our members to chat about how they went from stressed & sad to healthy & happy…

Sweat Talk: Justin B (PRK)

“I liked working out on my own, but after a while you get kind of lonely. You don't wanna push yourself as much because nobody's keeping you accountable. At CFW, people push you and you can't slack off because they'll call you out on it. It makes you wanna work harder, because it's a team atmosphere… It's a whole new level of fitness.”Justin’s no stranger to fitness, but he’s relatively new to CrossFit. In this edition of Sweat Talk, he describes his shift from working out on his own to group training at CFW, and what he found most surprising about the world of CrossFit.

Posted by North Star Fitness on Tuesday, December 19, 2017
CFW SWEAT Stories: Jamie, Joelle & Chrissy

"I've lost 6 inches already, so I'm really happy!!"The next CFW SWEAT Bootcamp starts Saturday, July 22nd! Sign up ASAP to reserve a spot!Register here: http://www.crossfitwinnipeg.com/cfw-sweat-bootcamp/

Posted by North Star Fitness on Wednesday, July 5, 2017
CFW Sweat Talk: Sam & Lise

Challenging workouts, knowledgeable coaches and an awesome sense of community are just a few of the reasons why Sam and Lise LOVE our CFW: Sweat Bootcamp! Check out our latest Sweat Talk vid for the full story!Our next 6-week bootcamp starts Saturday, November 4! It runs Mondays & Wednesdays at 7PM and Saturdays at 8AM. There is a $39 sign up fee + $171 at the first class.We only have 7 spaces left - so sign up today: https://crossfitwinnipeg.sites.zenplanner.com/registration.cfm?payment=MEMBERSHIP&MembershipTemplateId=93293B09-A853-496A-A142-AFD8D0AC1C53&personId=C6D8E231-5E92-4953-A072-5D3ED33F4DA0

Posted by North Star Fitness on Wednesday, November 1, 2017
CFW SWEAT Stories: Natalie & Danielle

“I'm totally addicted! I love that it's three times a week - I want to keep going, I don't want to stop. ”Our next bootcamp (SWEAT 10.0) starts tonight! There's still time to register!Register online: http://www.crossfitwinnipeg.com/cfw-sweat-bootcamp/

Posted by North Star Fitness on Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Christina Quist

Christina joined CrossFit Winnipeg in June with her husband and two kids. Learn about her experience and what you can expect starting out at CFW.“We wanted to make changes for our children, and I knew that if we didn’t do it, they wouldn’t do it. There are very few places where you can all work out together, and I knew we needed coaching and people to tell us what to do and how to do it. It’s casual, and accepting, and everyone really encourages each other. And I really like that.”PS - Want to be featured in a CFW SWEAT TALK video? Message us & let us know!

Posted by North Star Fitness on Tuesday, September 12, 2017
CFW SWEAT Stories: Linsey and Gabrielle

“The bootcamp workouts are amazingly hard, but you feel so good after!” Watch the full video to learn why bootcamp OGs Linsey and Gabrielle love CFW SWEAT.SWEAT 9.0 is wrapping up, but our next bootcamp kicks off Wednesday, April 19th! Space is limited, so tell your friends!Register online: http://www.crossfitwinnipeg.com/cfw-sweat-bootcamp/

Posted by North Star Fitness on Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Want in? Don’t wait another day to upgrade your life, just like our members.  Our proven, 5-step system will get you started on the road to boosted confidence, increased energy, and the body you’ve always wanted! 

STEP 1 - Complimentary No Sweat Intro

Your no sweat intro  is a 30 to 45 minute, no-stress, 1-on-1 meeting with one of our staff members. We’ll give you a tour of the gym, chat about your goals, and make a plan to get you the results you want.

STEP 2 - Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Our nutrition and lifestyle coaching is 1-on-1 and completely customized to you. The best part is, we won’t ask you to give up the foods you love, or starve yourself! We’ll use InBody biometric tracking to monitor your progress every step of the way.

STEP 3 - Personal Training

Joining a gym can be intimidating. That’s why we recommend that all our new members start with 1-on-1 training. This is the fastest way to get the results you want.

STEP 4 - Small Group Fitness Classes

Once you’ve built a foundation with 1-on-1 training, you’ll get the chance to sample some of our various group fitness classes.  We have a variety of options to suit every goal and every fitness level. 

STEP 5 - Accountability & Goal Setting

As you progress in your training, we’ll celebrate victories and be there to guide you every step of the way. In your ongoing sessions with your trainer, you’ll be updating your goals, and your trainer will customize your program to make sure you stay on track. 

Book Your Complimentary No Sweat Intro Today

Our 6-Week Transformation is not a 1-size-fits-all program. Before you commit to transforming your life, we’d love to get to know you and chat about your goals and challenges. Fill out the form below to book a complimentary intro session with one of our friendly staff members. We’ll walk you through our facility and find the perfect program for your goals, schedule and budget!


1. How long does it take to get results?

Our clients see results in as little as 6 weeks, however, we recommend giving yourself the chance to see how far you can go in a year. 

2. When can I start?

This is a unique program for you. You can start when you wish. After purchase, we book your first consult and assessments to guarantee you a spot. 

3.  What happens if I have to go away for work or if I get injured?

No problem. If you need to travel, just give us 24 hours notice for any of your 1-on-1 sessions and we can rebook. For monthly memberships, we just need 10 days notice to cancel or put your membership on hold. If you experience any aches and pains or get injured, we have a team of health pros including physiotherapists to help you get back to life as quickly as possible, and to modify your workouts so that you can keep making progress.

4. What’s the training like?

We offer a few versions of the program, but in each case you will start 1-on-1 with a trainer, then have the option to transition into the group classes that are most appropriate for your goals and needs.

5. What are your hours?

We are open 6am to 8:30pm Mon-Fri, as well as mornings on the weekends, for your convenience. We have up to 15 training spots open to you a day. 

6. Can I come and use the gym on my own?

In order to ensure our member’s safety and best results, all of our clients work with a trainer, either 1-on-1 or in small groups. As such we don’t have a traditional facility usage policy, however, you will have unlimited access to our flexible group class schedule 7 days per week during the challenge.

7. What is the nutrition like?

We focus on eating real, whole food. We have personally designed a 6 week lifestyle plan that is fat burning focused and family friendly. It includes easy to follow recipes, list, action plans and goal setting exercises. 


8. I’m really out of shape. Can I still do this?
Absolutely!  At your no Sweat Intro we’ll discuss your goals and your biggest challengs and help you take that first step toward a new life. We have options for people at every step of their fitness journey.

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