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Member Spotlight: SK (AKA Steffen Klenk)

I started CrossFit 10 years ago. A friend heard about this new CrossFit exercise program – he had recently found a gym in Winnipeg that was offering it. He knew I liked to keep active and suggested I come down to River City Crossfit (now CFW) with him one Saturday morning in December of 2007 and give it a try. I loved it. The next month, I signed up.

In 10 years, there are many favourite memories. Now most of the world’s population would not call these good memories, but you guys get it. I remember doing lunges around the outside of the gym carrying a 20 lbs med ball. AMRAP 7:00 burpees. Hundreds of different thruster/burpee combinations… and now we have the bikes to add to the fun.

As much as I dread these WOD’s, I do love them. Murph is probably my favourite. I also have to say Frostfit and the Open workouts are highlights for sure.

In the early days, there were only a few sessions a day as we were sharing space with a boxing gym and many of the workouts had to be planned around the ring.

We didn’t have all the equipment we do now, but we improvised and still had a great WOD. We’re lucky to have the facility we do today at CFW. And while much has changed, there are many things that have stayed consistent over my 10 years, including:

1) The drive to show up at the gym, give it your all and the feeling of satisfaction when it’s all done. It’s the best way to start the day.

2) The fun in learning something new. Even after 10 years, the program is not getting repetitive.

My first bright spot was my first ring muscle up.

I’d been close for a long time and could string together multiple bar muscle ups, but ring muscle ups just weren’t happening. One week, while the regular coach was away (there was only one coach back then), Tania took the role of acting coach and made it a mission for me to get that damn muscle up.

There were all kinds of drills to tackle this challenge from different angles. There were tired arms, but at the end of the week something suddenly clicked and then there were muscle ups!

CrossFit has helped me improve at my other hobbies/sports, helped me sleep better at night and has given me an hour a day that is truly “my own time”.

Outside of the gym, I’m pretty happy if I’m outdoors and most of my hobbies revolve around that. Running, hiking, walking the dog, skiing, biking, fishing. Family time with kids in different sports is also a priority for me. I would say, Crossfit has really helped to keep me quite functional at most things. I guess the whole functional fitness tagline is true.

The people (coaches and members) have always been great and bring encouragement and a positive attitude to the gym. I love the “we’re all in this together” approach and seeing everyone succeed. Thanks everyone!


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