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Member of the Month August 2013: Cody Sharpe

Eating pizza in Rome Italy this past May!

Cody has been a member of CrossFit Winnipeg since 2010 and has come far in regards to her health and fitness. The coaches here at CFW would like to recognize Cody’s achievements throughout the years and also to recognize her current feats.

Cody realizes what it takes to have harmony in her life and she has used CrossFit as a tool to embrace just that. She recognizes that she must enjoy the ride, not be impatience & welcome each new accomplishment with personal pride. Cody knows her goals will be achieved by focusing in, exerting the most energy she can each and every day she walks into these doors. These qualities make Cody stand out and enable her to achieve big PR’s, as recently seen on her snatch and her muscle ups!

A note from Coach Helena Inaloz and the rest of the coaching staff to Cody, “In short I have been very proud of her latest achievements in Crossfit”.

Congratulations Cody! We all are very excited to celebrate how far you’ve come, maybe we can do that over pizza and beer?


Age: 30

Height: 5’1” and a bit (said every short person ever)

Weight: 137#

What is your favourite exercise or workout? Pullups, cleans, pushups, KB swings.

What is your least favourite exercise or workout? RUNNING!

Tell us something interesting or surprising about yourself? I enjoy -30 weather more than +30 weather.

There is a trip to Puerto Rico in my future.

I have smaller feet than my 11-year-old niece.

What is your favourite hobby, pastime or sport? Snowboarding, creating art, reading to learn stuff, crossword puzzles, and generally just being a nerd.

What were you doing before CrossFit? Staying skinny fat and failing the WPS Physical Test (WPS-PAT).

How did you find out about CrossFit Winnipeg? From a coworker that felt bad about me failing the WPS-PAT so miserably after attempting to train myself for it. I signed up for On-Ramp the same day…one of the best decisions of my life!

What changes have you seen in yourself or your life since joining CrossFit Winnipeg? Amazing (hopefully lifelong) friendships.

Finding a community where I belong.

An addiction to Lululemon.

Man arms.

Do you have any special memorable CrossFit Winnipeg moments? A 25# PR in my full snatch after a morning training with Christine Girard.

Getting into trouble for talking too much (if I could “tag” people in this post: Wendy Novotny, Karen Joachim, Rich Thomas).

What advice would you give to a newbie or someone just joining CrossFit Winnipeg? Be coach-able.

Don’t ignore the valuable criticism and advice given by the coaches.

Be humble. No matter how “fit” you are, nobody likes that guy .

Be patient.

Muscle ups aren’t built in a day.

Be yourself. Everybody likes that guy.

What is your biggest accomplishment at CrossFit Winnipeg? Body weight bench press and/or jumping on a box several inches higher than the length of my inseam (35” vs 28”).


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