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May Member of the Month Barb Feir

Barb & her little girl!

If you pay close attention to Barb you would see how far she really has come since stepping foot into CFW. Barb has shown amazing improvements and dedication here at CFW.  She consistently demonstrates this by working on her skills before and after classes. Which has most definitely been the result of reaching goals such as her pull-up, more consecutive push-ups, & we cannot forget her top notch double unders.

In the words of Harvey Woo “I saw her do consecutive double unders and asked her “whoa those are pretty good double unders. Where did those come from”. And she replied that she was listening to the tips I gave her and has been practicing them over and over.”

This is definitely a part of what we mean by being a coach-able athlete, & Barb demonstrate just that.

Barb also pushed herself by competing in the opens to challenge herself. She said it exposed weaknesses that she now can work on. She enjoyed the atmosphere that the opens had to offer, especially watching the others and how everyone around would cheer each other till the last second.

On behalf of everyone here at CFW, we want to congratulate Barb on her dedication and passion for the sport of fitness that we call CrossFit!


Age: 38

Height: 5 7

Weight: 150

What is your favourite exercise or workout? Deck squats and the metcons. Tire flipping is pretty fun too. I really like deadlifts too.

What is your least favourite exercise or workout? Skin the cat and handstands. Not very good with the upside down exercises. Makes me really dizzy.

Tell us something interesting or surprising about yourself? I played touch football when I was younger and also ran track.

What is your favourite hobby, pastime or sport? Spending time with my daughter riding her bike, talking about her day, playing ring around the rosie, watching princess movies.

What were you doing before CrossFit? I did P90x and yoga videos at home.

How did you find out about CrossFit Winnipeg? I read an article in the Sun about Angie Pye and I wanted to do what she was doing so I looked it up and found Crossfit Winnipeg. Signed up for a free class right away and loved the class. My legs were sore for days from the wallballs but I wanted to come back for more. It was the exact workout I was looking for.

What changes have you seen in yourself or your life since joining CrossFit Winnipeg? I’m just happy that I’ve found something I love doing. That challenges me to try new things I would never do on my own.

Do you have any special memorable CrossFit Winnipeg moments? I really enjoyed watching everyone compete for the Crossfit Open and seeing how amazing everyone is. I loved cheering people on to get another rep.

What advice would you give to a newbie or someone just joining CrossFit Winnipeg? Don’t be scared or too nervous. Everyone is really friendly and helpful and it’s great to workout where people know your name and you can talk to the person next to you or ask a question. It’s nice to feel like you belong.

What is your biggest accomplishment at CrossFit Winnipeg? Being able to do a pull-up after lots and lots of practice. Also, not being so shy and meeting some new people that I look forward to seeing whenever I’m at Crossfit Winnipeg.


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