Manitoba Open Weightlifting Competition

The Manitoba Weightlifting Association is holding its annual open competition.  As its name implies, it is open to anyone who wants to compete.  There are weight classes and of course, true Olympic Weightlifting rules.  To enter, you’ll need a MWA membership, a singlet and enough courage to get up on the platform and lift in front of a crowd.  More info on the Manitoba Weightlifting Association website.  Let us know if you’re interested in competing and maybe we can get a group together to represent CFW.


Currently, our athletes are more than welcome to compete at the MB Open but each athlete must become member of the MWA first, which costs $60, in addition to the competition entry fee of $25.  One of the MWA executives had an idea that might work if we are interested, and would have to be discussed with the rest of the MWA executive first, and we would all have to agree with it.  If we had enough interest, they might organize a “test” competition for us on a Saturday from 12 to 3 PM at the University of Manitoba.  It would not be official but we could  follow Weightlifting rules, have it done on a regulation platform, with a regulation weight set, and we would be competing against eachother.  If interested please post to comments.


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