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Info Session: Reducing your toxic load

Thursday, June 23rd at 7PM, CFW is hosting a free information session on how to reduce your exposure to toxins for better health.  We will provide some information on what to watch out for in your diet, the environment and the products you use in your home and on your body every day.  We will also have a guest speaker, Dr. Suzanne Buffie who will help us to understand product labels, what to avoid and what to look for in household and personal care products.

The idea for this event came about when we noticed that our members often ask for recommendations on what products to use to avoid toxic chemicals in their day to day lives.  We often give some general recommendations and give clients tools and resources so they can choose for themselves.

In our search for “clean” products, we’ve tried many, many products and only a few of them really stood out and we’ve decided to make them available to members of CFW who are interested.  So after the info session, we will have some personal care products from from Miessence and Olivier available for you to look at.   Feel free to just come for the info session, we don’t want anyone to feel obligated to try any of the products…

The session is free, and all CFW members and clients are welcome, along with any guests you may want to bring.


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