Hooverball & BBQ UDATE: meet @ CFW

Hoover Ball Update: Of course, after weeks of almost unbearable heat, we have to get the coldest rainiest day of the summer for HooverBall.  But we won’t let that stop us.  Here’s the plan: indoor fun and games followed by a BBQ at CrossFit Winnipeg.  There is even talk of an indoor version of Hoover ball – so if you signed up it’s still a go but the whole thing is going down at CFW.

On Sunday, August 15th, CrossFit Winnipeg will be hosting a Hooverball tournament and BBQ for all members and guests.  If you’ve never played Hooverball, this is your chance.  The game was invented by Pesident Hoover as a means to stay in shape.   It is played on a volleyball court with a medicine ball and scored like tennis.

So here’s the plan:

First, we’ll play some hooverball, then we’ll have a BBQ.  John Nickel has kindly agreed to provide some meat for our BBQ and Jo and Mich appear to have the rest under control.  $10 per person should cover your meal, but we’ll give you the final number once we have it.  Everyone is welcome, including friends and family.

The location is still to be determined.  We are looking for a public park that has two volleyball courts side by side so that we can have a true tournament.  If anyone has any suggestions, please post to comments.

REGISTER HERE so that we can get an approximate head count…


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