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Health & Wealth Forum Recap

This Saturday marked the very first of what I hope will be many more events held in conjunction with my brother Rob of Tetrault Wealth Management Group.  It was the first time that we hosted a forum style Q&A with various health experts of the community and we are proud to report a great turnout, with over 50 attendees.

I was particularly excited to be able to team up with some other local businesses to come with with a pretty diverse panel of experts, including the following.

Dr. Christopher Notley / Chiropractor and Athletic Therapist – Specializing in spine and sports injury care

Liz Jones / Cranio Sacral Therapist & Owner of Jellyfish Float Spa – Stress & Pain Management Specialist

Gary McLeod / Registered Massage Therapist & Nutrition Coach – Movement & Mobility Specialist

Dr. Kailey Murphy / Health & Wellness Coach – Goal Setting & Habit Change Specialist

Chris Gair / CrossFit Level 1 Trainer – Weight Loss Specialist

Robert Tetrault / President of Tetrault Wealth Advisory Group – Portfolio Manager

Thank you so much for spending your Saturday afternoon with us and thanks to our panel of experts for donating their time as well as swag for our attendees and draw prizes.

Here are some of the resources we discussed during the forum:

Click HERE are some of the farmers and suppliers we recommend for pasture raised meats and organically grown produce.

Click HERE for our general nutrition recommendations

Click HERE for portion sizes discussed during the Q&A.

Click HERE for an article on reasons why you might not want to do CrossFit.

Click HERE, HERE, or HERE for some information on back pain from Dr. Chris Notley.

Click HERE for information on floatation therapy at Jellyfish Float Spa.

Click HERE for ways to get started at CrossFit Winnipeg.

Click HERE to book a No Sweat Intro.

A shot of Coach Gary and Dr. Kails taking the group through breath and movement exercises during the break.



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