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Happy Holidays From CrossFit Winnipeg

During this holiday season, I wish you peace and joy, strength and flexibility, resilience and grit, love and happiness… I wish for each of you the time to train without work hassles and traffic delays, and the time to eat and play with friends and family without conflict and stress.  For the year to come, I want you to find PR’s, learn new skills, and find novel ways to grow.
I would like to thank each and everyone one of you for your support and your trust. We can’t do our job as coaches without first earning your trust. The results speak for themselves. What you have achieved this year could not have happened without an underlying relationship of trust and common values like celebration and mastery, community and veracity.
Most people see working out as a chore, but I love that you know better. You know that CFW is so much more than that.  I can’t think of a better reason to celebrate! I think the holidays should be about celebration and gratitude. There are so many people out there who suffer so much more than we do here.  Some times I marvel at how unbelievably lucky I am to have been born in this part of the world and at this time in history. How fortunate we are to have the ability to shape our bodies, and our lives, where so many others have no hope.
And so I’d like to express some gratitude toward the amazing CFW staff and members. You bring so much joy to something that can be so hard. You make this a happy place to be. Whether we met just recently or years ago, I want to recognize how much each of you have contributed to my personal growth as a person, and to the growth of CFW as a community. Every one one of you has given me a special insight or lesson. Each one of you carries something in you, that you have shared with me, and that plays a part in bringing us all together.  In making us the people we are today, and making us just a little bit better each day. Whether it is patience, equanimity, kindness, knowledge, truth, and the list goes on and on, by crossing paths, you have contributed to my growth and self-actualization.
Although I am of service to you when it comes to health and fitness, you also offer me your insight by your presence in my life. For that, I am forever grateful. I look forward to continue being of service to you in the upcoming year.
In the meantime, I wish you all much joy and peace for the holiday season.

-Coach Tania


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