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Gut Week

Hello all,

Robb Wolf mentioned something cool. He talks on Hypochondria. You know, the label given to folks who doctors have no idea what is going on. He breaks the word down, hypo meaning below and chondria meaning rib. What is below the ribs? You guessed it, the gut. Guess what else? Most of the mysterious conditions that doctors have difficulty with come from the gut. To all you hypochondriacs out there, maybe it’s not all in your head. Maybe it’s in your gut. What comes out of your gut? Poop! 

Turn around, gaze at the logs of brown before you flush them down. Read Poop 101.

Lets recap, Habit change week, Sleep week, Stress week and now Gut week. Spring Leaning Challengers, let all the information I have provided thus far be your repairs and maintenance manual with additions in the weeks to come. To Rebels, there is the information, take it or do not, it is your health, not mine. To the Upholders, you signed up, what are you going to sacrifice to make time for all the information? To Obligers, people are counting on you to be healthy and to teach them to be healthy, do not let your people down. To Questioners, why were you living life with one cognitive arm tied behind your back? Sacrificing meaningless entertainment to learn something is a no brainer. Do you really need more irrefutable reasoning as to why you need to KNOW everything there is to know about making you healthy? 

Don’t forget to plan and prep your meals,

Coach Gary


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