FrostFit Games 2011 – Events

EVENT #1… “3 miles, barefoot, in the snow, uphill, both ways”

This event will have three workstations. Athletes will spend 3:00 at each station accumulating as many points as possible. They will have 30 seconds to rotate between stations.

Station A: All Categories

“Burpee Suicides”


– Athlete will run approximately 5 meters to cross line marked on floor (1 point), perform a burpee (1 point), and then run back 5m to cross line marked on floor and touch the ground with one hand (1 point).
– Burpees are chest and thighs to floor with an overhead clap

Station B:

10 Power Cleans
10 Box Jumps

Advanced: 155#/105# + 24″/20″
Intermediate: 135#/85# + 20″/16″
Novice Ladies: 55# + 12″


– Athletes may begin at either power cleans or box jumps
– Power clean and box jump standards will be clarified in pre-wod debriefing

Station C

10 Shoulder-to-overhead
10 Toes to bar

Advanced: 135#/85#
Intermediate: 105#/75# + women: “toes to band”
Novice Ladies: 45# + “toes to band”


– Athletes may begin at either shoulder-to-overhead or at toes-to-bar/band.
– Barbell will be supported on a rack. For the last rep performed to count towards your score, you must return the barbell to the rack within 10 seconds of the 3:00 time limit.


This event will have two workstations. Each task is performed for time with a 5:00 time limit. There will be 1:00 to transition between stations. Failure to complete the assigned task in time will result in a ranking based on number of reps successfully performed within the time limit. These two stations will be ranked separately for scoring.

Station A: “Lumberjack George”

For time;
800m Row
20 Overhead Squat

Advanced: 75#/55#
Intermediate: 65#/45#
Novice Ladies: 500m Row + 35#

Station B: “Mission (nearly) Impossible”

2 Rounds For time;
20 Push Press
20 Kettlebell Swing
10 Paralette Shoot-through

Advanced: 75/55 + 55/35
Intermediate: 65/45 + 45/25
Novice Ladies: 35 + 25


Our paralettes are approximately 10″ high. You will perform a push-up, move your feet through the paralettes to a “front plank” and then move your feet back to push-up position. This is one rep. We will demonstrate in pre-wod briefing. Jeff Tucker has video of this on We will not be performing the “dip” aspect of the movement. You may walk your feet back rather than jump through if you like, but your hands may  not lose contact with the paralettes.

Event #3: “Frost Bite”

For time (15 minute time limit):


30 CTB pull ups

Then: 2 rounds

30 Double Unders

30 Wall Balls #20/12# – 10ft target


30 Hang power snatch at #75/#55


30 pull ups (chin over vertical plane)

Then: 2 rounds

30 Double Unders

30 Wall Balls #20/12# – 10ft/9ft target


30 Hang power snatch at #65/#45


– if you require a “blue band” to complete the pull-ups please notify us in advance. You will rank lower than athletes who complete the chin-ups as prescribed.


30 ring rows (height of rings and foot placement will be standardized)

Then: 2 rounds

30 single unders

30 Wall Balls 12# – 8ft target


30 Hang power snatch at #35


FYI – We are going to have a professional photographer taking pictures of the event. Below is his contact information if anyone would like to contact him regarding photos of the event.

Ray Chan- photographer



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