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FrostFit Event #4

Thruster Ladder a.k.a “no room for wussies”

Sunday 9:00AM – 12:30PM


The event is a Thruster ladder, every minute on the minute. The competitors will do 1 rep the first minute then rest for the remainder of the minute, followed by 2 reps the second minute, 3 reps the third minute, and continue in this manner until they can no longer complete the required number of repetitions. The sets do not need to be unbroken but athletes need to finish all the required reps within the minute. All reps will be counted, therefore if an athlete finishes the required reps within the minute, they should always at least attempt to complete as many reps as possible in the next minute, as partial rounds will be counted. There will be no racks for this event, so athletes will need to clean the bar from the floor. If the athlete does a squat clean on the first rep they can go directly into their first thruster as long as all the movement standards are respected. The athlete may keep the bar racked in between sets in case there is no time to drop it and clean it again.  The weights will be 135lbs for men’s Rx and 85lbs for ladies.

Teams: The set up for teams is the same as for individuals, in that there will be one barbell per team, but teams will start the ladder at 5 reps the first minute, then 6 reps the second minute, etc.  For teams each player is allotted 30 out of the 60 seconds.  Teams may choose to have each athlete complete half of the reps for that round, or they may choose to have one athlete do all the reps for that round, as long as they are finished in their 30 second time allotment.  The weights will be 95lbs for men’s teams and 65lbs for ladies teams.


Thruster – Bar starts on the floor. It is picked up and racked on the shoulders. There is no requirement to stand up fully before beginning the thruster, therefore a squat clean directly into thruster is allowed. The thruster begins when the athlete squats below parallel, with the hip crease below top of knee cap, with the barbell racked on shoulders, or at the very least below the chin. In a single movement, the athlete drives the barbell up out of the squat and overhead, finishing with knees, hips, and arms fully extended with barbell stable over the heels and earlobe visible in front of the arms. Once the athlete hits the bottom of the squat, there can be no re-bend of the knees or hips i.e. no jerks allowed. The bar can stop near the top and be pressed out but no descent of the barbell is allowed once the thruster had begun. Going up on the toes is permitted as long as there is no re-bending of the knees or jerking the bar. If the judge identifies a no-rep, the athlete will need to redo the rep.Teams may pass the bar to one another without putting it down if necessary. Athletes may drop the bar as long as they can control its descent and that the bar remains on the athlete’s platform. Athletes may rest the bar overhead, in the front rack or in the back rack position.


This event will count for 15% of the athlete’s final score. The score will be based on total number of reps completed, including reps from any partial last round. There will be no scaling for this event.


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