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FrostFit 2014 Day 1 Results – Rankings & Detailed Scores

Here are the overall rankings after Day 1, in order to see the points behind the percentages please see below for the detailed scores for events 1 through 3.

Ladies Teams Rankings After Day 1

Men Teams After Day 1

Ladies Rx After Day 1

Men Rx After Day 1

Please note that percentages are based on  performance relative to both the highest and lowest score in each event. For example, if the highest score on an event is 100 reps  and the lowest  score is 50 reps, then the athlete with 100 reps scores 100% for that event, and the athlete who scores 50 reps scores 0% for that event.  If an athlete completes 75 reps on the event, they will receive a score of 50% as they are in the middle of the scale.  It also means that if the second place finisher scores 99 reps, they get 98%.  However if the second place athlete completes 85 reps, they would only receive 70% on that event.  For timed events, speed of completion is used, calculated as reps per minute. This could also that if there was not a large spread in the results for a given event, an athlete who comes reasonably close to finishing at the top may not be awarded a high percentage score, particularly if they scored only slightly better than the lowest score.

Ladies Team-Scores for events 1 to 3 – with points for each event

Mens Team Scores for events 1 to 3 – with points for each event

Ladies RX -Scores for events 1 to 3 – with points for each event

Mens RX-Scores for events 1 to 3 – with points for each event

Also note that for Event 1, the goal was to complete the entire complex, so the scores reflect completion of the complex and the fractional points were meant as a tie breaker  and therefore nominal in relationship to points received for completing in the entire complex.

Please note that for Event 2, each skill was scored separately and note that athletes were given 25 points per leg for an unweighted pistol and the scores listed in the sheet includes the 25 that we added to the weight in pounds.

Please also note that for Event 3, we did not count partial reps for sled pulls, so it is possible to receive the same score another athlete even if one athlete pulled the sled further than another athlete. We apologize for not emphasizing this at the outset of the event during the WOD standards.





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