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FrostFit 2014 Competitor Information

Just one week left until the Fourth Annual FrostFit Games, January 25th & 26th, 2014.  Here is some information to help the competitors plan their weekend.

Parking: We should have plenty of parking however, there will be one area that will be off limits as it is for the Arnold Bros Trucks.  We will post a diagram and signs early next week.

Entrance, Coats & Shoes: There will be a dedicated entrance for athletes as well as the main entrance for spectators.  Athletes will have access to the entire back area, including our yoga/seminar room, hallways, offices, as well as the smaller gym in the back for warming up.  There are 4 private showers and change rooms available in the back area for the athletes, so bring your towel.  Our athlete warm-up area and resting area is quite small for the number of athletes competing so we would like to keep the back for athletes and volunteers only.  We ask that spectators respect the competitors’ space so that they can rest and recover between events. CFW members, we recommend that if you take home any shoes and other personal items you have at the gym.  We will be putting everything in storage for the weekend and it might be a while before we can dig it up again.

Therapists & other recovery stuff:  There will be massage therapists and chiropractors/athletic therapists/ART practitioners on site for the entire day, including Bryan Cobb (RMT & Trigger Point specialist), Danielle Arpin (RMT) Dr. Chris Notley, Dr. Rob Spiers of Aberdeen Chiropractic, Dr. Parmvir Chohan of Integrated Chiropractic. These will be set up in the offices in the athlete’s area. We will also have some stretch bands, foam rollers, lacrosse balls and theracanes available for athletes to use.

Food: Athletes are expected to bring their coolers for whatever they need, however we will have snacks on hand, as well as protein powders and protein shakes.  Booster Juice will be handing out samples and we will have snacks on hand for volunteers.  Smoking Hawg will be catering dinner on Sunday night.  CFW will treat judges and volunteers, but athletes and spectators can buy tickets HERE for $20.

Photo & Video: We will have local photographers taking pictures and some Breakfast Television camera taking some video.  Spectators are welcome to take photos and video.  We would love it if you could share them with us afterwards.

Equipment: We will be posting some hints and lists of movements starting early next week and the actual events will be posted on Wednesday.  However, we recommend that competitors be ready with all your usual gear including: weightlifting shoes if you have them, skipping rope, tape or wrist wraps if you usually wear these, and a pair of gloves, particularly if you have delicate hands.


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